What is EM Technology™?


EM™ is a natural and probiotic technology developed, 28 years ago, in Japan, by Dr. Teruo Higa, who is the author of the famous book series “An EARTH Saving Revolution”.

EM™ means “Effective Microorganisms™” and it is made up of beneficial and highly efficient organisms. These microorganisms are not harmful, non pathogenic, not genetically modified, nor chemically synthesized.

Originally, it was developed as alternative for chemical fertilizers and pesticides, however, the use of EM technology™ in the last two decades, has expanded from agriculture to effluent and waste water treatments, control of foul odors, farms and animal health, human health and innumerable industrial treatments. At present, EM™ is used in more than 120 countries and there are over 54 manufacturers in the world. More than 30 research centers, across various countries, create and analyze new alternatives daily to increase and expand the range of this technology.


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