What is EM Technology™?

The EM Technology™ is a tool that combines specific technical knowledge and probiotics called EM ™ (Effective Microorganisms™).

This mixture of microorganisms and the “know how” make EM™ a unique product on the market, available in liquid form, at room temperature, with viable microorganisms and ready to go into action. Besides they are not harmful, nor pathogenic, nor genetically modified, nor synthesized in the laboratory.

In addition to this, we work with well-known natural probiotics, such as yeasts and lactic acid bacteria that promote antioxidant fermentation processes, accelerate the decomposition processes of organic matter and favor the balance of the microbial flora, among other benefits.



→ Certified by Dr. Teruo Higa – EMRO (EM Research Organization).

→ Exclusive and innovative technique.

→ It does not need a biofactory.

→ It is developed through a simple process that guarantees its quality and efficiency.

→ All of its activities contribute directly to building a sustainable society.

→ Our group donates and volunteers in various socio-environmental and agricultural development projects around the world.



It is the only probiotic technology that acts in the biological restoration of the environment, since it reduces diseases and promotes the balance of the microbiota.


  • Neutral / stable environment
Red: Microorganism Pathogens
Gray: Neutral microorganisms
Green: Beneficial Microorganisms

In a healthy environment, microorganisms function as if they were part of a natural balance: 10% are harmful, 10% are beneficial and 80% are neutral or facultative, that is, they can be beneficial (fermentative) or harmful (oxidative). The importance of this last group is that, apart from being the majority, it can be influenced by the first two groups.

This balance is present in all living systems, such as in the intestines of humans and animals, in the soil, in plants, in a river, in a lake and in the sea.


  • Oxidized / sick environment
Red: Microorganism Pathogens
Gray: Neutral microorganisms
Green: Beneficial Microorganisms

When an imbalance occurs, either natural or caused by humans, as is the case of wastewater, contamination with agrochemicals, excessive mechanization and even feeding with food in poor condition, the presence of oxidizing agents or conditions favors the proliferation of harmful microorganisms. In this process of multiplication, the neutral microorganisms are induced to follow the harmful ones, to such an extent that the balance inclines towards the oxidative group (harmful), where the diseases develop easily.

When the imbalance is established, the environment becomes ill, there are bad smells, there is production of harmful gases and toxic substances. Example of this is when we eat a food in poor condition and, later, we feel upset stomach. This means that our internal balance is favoring harmful microorganisms.


  • Anti-oxidized / healthy environment
Red: Microorganism Pathogens
Gray: Neutral microorganisms
Green: Beneficial Microorganisms

Contrary to the above, EM ™ Technology induces neutral microorganisms to work as beneficial microorganisms. This action is known as PROBIOTIC effect because with the application of EM ™ Technology products in the soil, in the environment, and even in the digestive system of animals through food, a fermentative, antioxidant and healthy environment is established, that prevents the production of malodorous gases and harmful substances that favor the synthesis of beneficial substances that collaborate with the preservation and revitalization of the environment. This probiotic effect can occur in the soil, plants and animals.