EM Research Organization was founded in 1994, in Okinawa, Japan. EMRO is a non-profit institution whose purpose is to strengthen and disseminate the use of EM Technology™ in the world.

Through its regional offices, EMRO reaches out to a large number of countries where technology such as EM • 1® are vital to contribute to the development of companies, communities, local governments, NGOs in areas as diverse as agricultural production, health, the environment, among others.

Currently, EMRO has offices in Germany, Thailand, Malaysia, China, the United States and Panama. Each of these offices takes care of strategic regions for the development of Technology.

In Latin America, EMRO’s Interamerica Division is located in the city of Panama, in Panama, whose function is to supervise and coordinate the work of development and dissemination of EM•1 ® and other subproducts in the Continent.

EMRO maintains worldwide rights, trademark registrations and patents on EM Technology™, Effective Microorganisms™, the EM® logo as well as on a wide range of products and their manufacturing processes throughout the world.

Through the EMRO research department and with the global network of contacts, quality information and specific case studies are generated that are applicable in different situations, which leads to a solution with ease and credibility.

If you want to know more about EMRO, go to www.emrojapan.com