EM Technology™

It is important to reiterate that Professor Teruo Higa is the intellectual father of the EM Technology™, which has been used in a wide variety of fields such as: agriculture, livestock, the environment, construction, industry and health.

To date, EM Technology™ has been disseminated in more than 120 countries around the world. The abbreviation “EM™”, which refers to “Effective Microorganisms™” has been included as the last keyword in the Japanese Encyclopedia of Contemporary Words, published in January 1997.

With the advance of science and technological processes in the world, many companies have tried to copy this technology; however, so far no one has managed to copy or improve it.



The story begins when Dr. Higa was a PhD student in Horticulture at the University of Ryukyus. His research was about tangerines and it was here, precisely, that he discovered the potential of microorganisms in the agricultural field and that motivated him to change the course of his research.

At that time, the cultivation of mandarins was based on intensive agricultural practices based on aqrochemicals.

Dr. Higa was interested in microorganisms, however; he defended the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. While working with tangerines, he had some health problems whose symptoms worsened when he came into contact with agrochemicals. This situation influenced his thinking, to the point that he decided, definitively, to work with microorganisms as the main objective of his research. At that time, people worked with only one type of microorganisms despite the existence of many of these suitable for research.

For five years his research did not generate any significant information.

Back to the University of Ryukyus, in Okinawa, he continued his research, only with safe and beneficial microorganisms. For this reason, he always collected the microorganisms that he used during the day in the same container to be discarded at the end of the day. work. One day, he thought he should not throw them in the sink because they were too expensive so he decided to apply them in a section of the lawn.

A week later, there was a big difference between the grass that had received the microorganisms and the part where they had not been applied. Since none of his students had worked in that area, Dr. Higa was convinced that the mixture of several microorganisms had produced that positive effect on the lawn.

Here, he discovered that the key was the correct combination of microorganisms. After many trials and errors, in 1980, Dr. Higa came up with a perfect blend that promoted the healthy growth of plants. He called this group of microorganisms “EM”.

Currently, the best and most complete formula available in the world is EM•1®.

From this formula, other products have been created and other niche markets have been opened.